Stefan was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He started his career as a graphic designer and a high-end retoucher. It was when he bought his first camera everything changed for him.

After studying photography and some years of assisting and in the fields of fashion, people and transportation for photographers like Simon Puschmann, David Breun, Niko Schmid-Burgk, Ralph Mecke, Detlef Schneider, he finally became a photographer himself.

He focuses on people, documentary and advertising work. Stefan undoubtedly manages, in any field of

photography, to capture the essence of his subjects and tell a visual story. His curiosity has also taken him around the world.

To date he has traveled in over 40 countries, has lived in Colombia, Argentina and South Africa, and has learned a number of different languages, something which is of great benefit to his work.
Whatever the situation, he never tires of adapting himself to new challenges and gaining new perspectives. Besides his unique photographs, his ability to create a good atmosphere makes working with him very special.





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